2022 January’s Spotlight Car Models

2022 January’s Spotlight Car Models

New Year comes with opportunities to purchase a lot of new models and brands. The commencement of the year brings several great deals for car lovers and for the buyers who need to purchase a new vehicle for their families.

The below-mentioned vehicles are upcoming new models at the best price. These cars have amazing new technology and high-level safety features for their users. 

1. Audi Q5


In the race of Electric Motor Vehicles and Hybrid vehicles, New Audi Q5 has left behind many competitors for being an Audi and not for being a hybrid. The 2022 Audi Q5 has a motor board of 12 volt which is not even the major source of its power because that is its 2.0 L turbo engine with four cylinders which provides 260 horsepower output. 

Although being an Audi you cannot expect very high mileage performance but it can go up to 25 miles in one gallon of fuel both on city and highway trips. The interiors are, no question, one of a kind, these interiors are as good as expected in an Audi.

2. 2022 Audi e-Tron GT


This brand new launch from BMW motors is expected in January 2022 and this electric motor vehicle is a sports vehicle that runs completely on electric power and can provide 469 horsepower in normal mode and 522 horsepower if you turn the launch control on. This power can push this car from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3.9 seconds. This is a car with minimal ground clearance for a premium look all due to aerodynamic reasons. The new Audi versions were rumored to be a 2 door coupe car but this one is a simple 5 seater with 4 doors.

3. 2022 BMW i4


The core segments of the BMW cars were not yet risked for electrification, since BMW was just stepping into the electric motor vehicle market so the company was testing its reach in the electric motor vehicle market through electrification of the low-volume models. 

Now BMW has become more serious about their electric motor vehicles in 2022 so they have made all the required upgradations and electrifications in their previous gasoline model BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe to get a brand new EMV BMW i4 which is a premium finish vehicle with low slung design and 335 horsepower and can go 300 miles on a single full charge.

4. 2022 Kia Sorento


With a blended mode of passenger space and efficiency, it offers a choice of both six or seven people seating. Lane assistant, safety keeping, frontal collision warning, and other safety aids are included well versed. Kia is famous for providing various warranty coverages and competitive standard features. Kia Sorento comes with standard features for reasonable pricing. The model has certain features and disadvantages.

5. 2022 Honda Civic Si


Civic has extraordinary interior touches. The modifications in the Honda Civic Si are very minimal, but it shows its impact on the crowd by some advanced and amazing features in the new model. With the extended wider track and longer wheelbase in comparison to the previous models and generation, Si offers greater stability irrespective of high speed. 


The deals in the upcoming years are fascinating and you may get the best offers and discounts to get the best deals. Above list contains a few amazing cars that can help you to decide the best car for you.