Higher Horsepower and 3 Electric Motor: 2022 GMC Hummer EV

Higher Horsepower and 3 Electric Motor: 2022 GMC Hummer EV

General Motors stepping their foot again in the market by launching their discontinued brand “HUMMER” in 2010 which is making its debut in 2022. Hummer EV made the debut in the best Superbowl commercial starring LeBron James. Hummer had a short life on the road but that was way bright and intimated a lot of users across the world.  


The name remains the same with an addition of electric vehicle type i.e. Hummer EV.  The re-born of Hummer is not like the old one which you remember. Earlier, it has gas demolishing like SUV and trucks of yore. The new electric pickup truck is making a comeback with parched V8 gas engines and a pack of wolf-like 3 electric motors and battery.


The pickup truck has been rising in the EV segment and leaving people stunned with their creations which is giving cut-throat competition to Bollinger, Rivian, Ford, and Tesla as they are also launching their line-up in the same segment.

What’s new in GMC electric pickup truck?

Hummer has been popular among users, it is coming with the same in 2022 GMC Hummer EV and will be launched in late 2021 as a 2022 model.

Rugged Engine and Muscular Performance

GMC hasn’t unveiled the many details about the powertrains which means two electric motors one in front and one in the rear with all-wheel drive and vigorous acceleration. GMC has made the statement that delivers 3.0 second- 60 mph time in the Truck. It has the extensive payload and towing capabilities with two or three electric motors. It will generate 1000horsepower and giant 11,500lb-ft with multiple battery options. It offers a driving range of 300 miles with a massive battery pack.


What is towing and payload capacity GMC Hummer EV?

Hummer has to increase the towing and payload capacity between 1500 and 3500 pounds to give rivals the competition and stand out from the crowd.

Aesthetic Interiors and Exteriors

Hummer EV will deliver a four-door crew cab unlike other they won’t have the regular and extended cab body style. The body style of Hummer is inspired by military aesthetics, the rugged connection which is present in the 2000s. According to the Super bowl commercials, the electric pickup truck has modern looks with LED headlights. 


It comes with a high tech touchscreen interface to go along with the forward technology EV powertrain. It has standard connectivity features i.e. Apple car play/ Android Auto capability. 

How many trims levels Hummer will offer?

Hummer EV will offer a range of trim levels with the basic package, work truck configuration and an off-road version with greater all-terrain capability. GMC hasn’t provided the proper information about trims levels and what features will be added in the trims. 

Picture Source: www.gmc.com/electric-truck/hummer-ev

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