2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Price Increases

2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Price Increases

The luxury vehicle 2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class gets expensive than ever but it is available for sale in less than six figures. The full-size luxury sedan starts at a price of $100,000. The price for all the trims has been increased in the line-up as compared to the previous-year line-up.

It has a standard all-wheel-drive with a new inline six-cylinder that generates 429 horsepower. It delivers more power with the V8 engine with power increased and standard with a 48-volt hybrid.

The increase in price will directly affect S-Class also Benz offers a myriad of options that led to an increase in the sticker price. The AMG Line and Executive Line packages come with the rear-wheel drive, body kit, head-up display,  warmth, and comfort package with heated armrests, steering wheels, and rear-seats. 

The Executive Line package is luxurious with massaging rear seats, rear entertainment screen, and rear-wheel steering system. The AMG Line S500 has a starting price of $115,150 and the S580 has an MSRP of $121,650.

Mercedes has unveiled the ultra-luxury Maybach version S-Class and the high-performance luxury sedan AMG version available for sale at $200,000 that are yet to come. The standard S500 and S580 soon be arriving at the US dealership in 2021.