Nissan GTR 2020

Nissan GTR 2020

Nissan GTR till 2019 it came as the Nissan Skyline GTR which has gained a huge amount of popularity in North America and the company has achieved a tremendous amount of success. Now, the company has completely abandoned the Skyline GTR range which eliminates the use of the HICAS model in their upcoming Nissan GTR in the year 2020.

The launch of Nissan GTR 2020 on its 50th-anniversary edition comes in three variants is the terrifying entry in the sports car segment. The upgraded technology is breaking the barriers providing the technology which redefines the performance and is beyond one’s imagination.

The astonishing exterior and customized interiors are breathtaking which has made people shocked and also created fear in the minds of competitors. The color coordination and performance changes have taken the heart, the Nissan GTR is well lit than ever or we can say beyond ultimate.  The best part is you can do customize according to your choices it has “ON THE FLY SET UP SWITCHES” which has a 3 mode system that is simpler to use.

  • The 2020 NISSAN GT-R has a major focus on the driver as the stylish wrapped steering wheel showcases the NISSAN’s red accents which provides a breathtaking experience like never before.
  • The entry 2020 NISSAN GT-R in the sports car segment creates a revolution in the market with their innovation it showcases the love for motorsport.

The best thing it features about the legendary “RECARO’s” high-performance front seats in NISMO GT-R 2020.


2020 Nissan GT-R


  • Pearl White Tricoat

2020 Nissan GT-R



2020 Nissan GT-R


  • Super Silver QuadCoat

Well- lighted Nissan GTR 2020

The new Nissan GTR 2020 has walked on the thinking lighter is better, the car is made up of the lightweight materials which are curated in a way that increases the downforce and at the same time smoothens the airflow around the car and focus on eliminating the dirt from the rear spoiler. The aerodynamics in the car is set to push the limits or we can say beauty with the beast would be an appropriate word for new Nissan GTR 2020.

Strengthening the Performance

The new model of 2020 Nissan GTR Nismo is the most powerful GT- Rever which has twin-turbocharged V6 and has 600 horsepower and also IHI turbocharger which is associated with the engine and is a suitable match for racing technology. As GT-R is breaking the rules, what makes this different from other average cars are composite panels,  carbon fiber diffuser which tends to accelerate the air and also slow them down at the same time. It also has the GT- R model which ensures the maximum performance and also has swiftly changes in the suspension and VDC for controlling high-performance handling.

Nissan GT-R is a perfect match which is adding value to your money spent by providing the advanced all-wheel drive for 24/& performance isn’t it great? Like other vehicles face the situation of engine heating up and leads to hassle in the journey which now has been eliminated with the new Nissan GT-R 2020.

Features of 2020 NISSAN GT-R

Every other car has one purpose is to provide comfort and as well as services that smoothen the life of an individual. NISSAN GT-R 2020 has proven this extremely well by using the technology at its best as your phone acts like your co-pilot doesn’t this sound amazing?

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  • The innovation which is driver-centric and provides instant feedback in terms of performance and the inclusion of multiple functioning displays smoothen their life in every aspect.
  • The multi-function window has a stopwatch, vital engine information, lateral acceleration, monitoring temperature and pressure of the car.
  • The best part it has inbuilt Nissan Intelligent mobility which offers a range of technology in the NISSAN GT-R. It includes the Nissan navigation system with 8 color multi touch screen and on the other hand, this display touch is controlled by the Display commander.
  • Another wonderful feature “NISSAN CONNECT BY SIRIUSXM” which has services like ALEXA and Google Assistant.
  • With the help of Nissan connect if you forget to lock or was in a rush ALEXA got your back with the remote access of lock and unlock doors.
  • Does not like the unwanted sound which is creating hinders while you are driving? The NISSAN GT-R got you covered with its advanced technology you can enjoy the electrifying sound of twin-turbocharged 3.8-L V6

Safety Measures

Nissan Intelligent mobility and the zone body construction of NISSAN GT-R combines impact absorbing structure and tire pressure monitoring system informs you of the condition of a tire whether they are flat or inflated. The inclusion of the Traction Control System senses the drive wheel spin which helps in maintaining the tire grip and maintain control.

  • Starting price of new Nissan GT-R 2020 is from $113,540 

Note:- (it may vary as the model will be launched in 2020 according to the taxes etc.)


What makes it different from NISSAN SKYLINE?

The Up-gradation in technology and the elimination of the HICAS Model has changed the overall engine and the horsepower of the car and twin-turbocharged has changed. It also includes improved acro dynamics and redefines the performance.